Baby Quilts

Tradition in my family has been that a newcomer to this world gets greeted with a brand new quilt made just for them! So when my friends started having babies, this is what I just HAD to make for them.

Unlike back home in the US of A, most people over here in Ireland don't seem to find out what sex their child is going to be. They're rather superstitious on the whole about pregnancy and all that jazz. Baby showers are nonexistent, and even parents tend not to buy anything until the baby is actually in mom's arms (And if you've never seen a new dad go into a baby shop knowing he needs EVERYTHING and not a clue what that everything is, its quite amusing).

So unlike my family members, I keep having to make these baby quilts on the fly in a flash. Its also meant that I've had issues with fabrics, because I don't have the space to store large quantities of fabric. In the above quilt, I had about a week before the co-worker went off work and could not, for the life of me, find any good printed fabrics. I settled for the plain pastels, but I was never exceptionally happy with the blue which felt too dark to me.
This one, I liked quite a bit better, although I would have liked to have made it larger, but was forced to end my inner blocks due to lack of fabric.
This one came out of a jelly roll and I quite liked the inner blocks with their craziness.
I'm currently waiting to find out what another friend is having, kind of praying its a boy so that I can use all the alternate colors from that jelly roll to make something adorable and blue for a change.


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