Jewelry Bag

Christmas came this year and despite my attempts to avoid it, my name got stuck in the Kris Kindle. So I decided to make a jewelry bag for my recipient, and use the spare fabric to make a second one as part of a larger Christmas gift.

It was based on a jewelry bag that my mother had given me some umpteen years ago (the one in the background). Turns out, I ended up making a third recently. One of the girls at the Kris Kindle liked it so much I told her I'd do one for her.

The pattern is simple enough, effectively concentric circles with spokes to make the pockets. It's easy, and I quite liked the fabric I found, especially as it suited the original recipient down to a tee. The cones at the end were quite the find and cost next to nothing for a gigantic bag of them, so now I feel obligated to find something else to make with them!
 They're great, easy projects that take almost no time to make, so next time you're stuck for ideas, feel free and ask how I did it as it is so simple I almost feel bad giving it as a present!


  1. I love them!! If you ever get me - I'd love a pencil wrap (now that's a thought!! :)))

  2. I can do a pencil wrap if you want one.

  3. yay!!!! do you need any materials? i'd love one because then my pencils wouldn't be banging against each other in my bag (as they do in my pencil case). I've been getting myself around to buying one but they're just plain black which is so boring

  4. I'll see what I have lying around.


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