The Waystone

So this is a bit of an odd project. I started it in the fall, and just haven't yet figured out exactly what I want to add to it to finish it.

The Waystone is a fictional bar run during the Midway LARP by my character (and yes, I may have stolen the name from a book that I quite adore). I wanted a sign to attract customers, but couldn't figure out exactly what else to put on it, so I did the name part and left it like that intending on going back and finishing it.

I needed it to be something that could be tossed into the washing machine as its an outdoor LARP in Irish weather (ie. rain). So I knew it'd keep getting yucky. The base is just cotton. The sign part itself is PVC ironed onto and then stitched onto the cotton, which gives it a really nice texture. 

The sign needs something more. I keep thinking maybe a beer mug or something? But I can't seem to find a picture/clipart that I like. So for now it'll remain blank. But once I do figure something out I'll certainly be adding it- probably before this summer.
Tonight I'm off to Midway again, so I'll take out my sign and hang it proudly and try to figure out exactly what it is I want to add to it.


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