Whitework and Gloves

Tonight my whitework project was worked on again and I thought I'd take a moment to talk about working with gloves.

When I started this project, I looked around and thought about things and went, white is really easy to get dirty. I had a pair of gloves and decided to see if they helped or hindered. And I've decided that I really don't like working with gloves on.

The gloves are nice and tight to the skin, and actually quite dextrous. They are, I believe, some kind of poly-cotton blend. However, I find that no matter what I did, I might end up picking up tiny parts of the glove cloth (not full threads, just fuzz) which would then require me disentangling myself from the project. Not fun. I'm not keen on using latex gloves, which would skip that problem, but I know from experience can leave your hands feeling dry and chapped.

So, for me, I've decided to skip on the gloves and simply stitch. Its definitely faster for me. Even though I could feel the threads and what I was doing with them on, the catching of the gloves on the needle and thread just bothered me too much.


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