Whitework Project

Tonight was our weekly game at our house, which for me is a great time for crafting! Much of the work done on my tiger project was done during these games. Tonight I returned to another project.

This was supposed to be done for a wedding back in October (sorry M!), but I haven't had much time to work on it for a while. So I was quite pleased at how it was coming along when I brought it out again.

The pattern is a simplified pattern from Inspirations magazine issue 66, published by Country Bumpkin. It's a beautiful piece and I've got the majority of the range of stitches done. As you can see, I'm working on the middle section now, and can then finish on the outside.

This has been an interesting project. I get nervous every time I have to cut a thread, as I'm not used to cutting holes in my projects, especially when I'm praying that I haven't accidentally screwed up counting somewhere along the way. I'll keep you updated as work progresses.


  1. I remember my mum showing me something similar when I was little.
    I know - cutting is a terrible moment.
    Where did you get the fabric?

  2. The fabric is evenweave, which I couldn't find anywhere in Ireland. So I ordered it online from sewandso.co.uk (or it might be soandsew.co.uk I forget).


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