"Family"- Converted

The last post I exhibited the piece "Family" and I mentioned that I did a version of it for my grandparents. However, when I thought about it, I concluded that my grandfather's history might mean that sending something Japanese might not be the best option. So I thought about it, and started some of the outside flowers and came up with a solution.

This side of my family has always had something of a family crest in the form of a deer in a ring. And the pattern wasn't that far off of a ring, right? So if I could just find a picture of a deer that would fit inside, I could round the rectangle out and do that! It sounded much simpler than it actually was, of course.

I started by looking for free patterns of deer online, as a quick look in my local store showed me they had zilch. Everything I found was either very lifelike, or very bambi like or just crap. So, I decided to just make my own deer!

Out came the graph paper, and some pencils, and I set about counting squares and crossing x's. I came up with a deer design somewhere over the Alantic ocean (where oddly I tend to do some of my best creative work) and the end result was this!

Here's a shot of it and the original design side by side.

Like the original, I wish I had had the time to get it mounted, but that's neither here nor there anymore. The grandparents loved it, and I quite liked it too.


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