Rat Poop Be Damned!

So I got this jelly roll, because well, LOOK at it!!

I just fell in love with the colors and couldn't possibly leave it behind. It's been sitting with my other potential projects for quite some time waiting for me to get the quilting bug. And then it happened.

In a fit of procrastination when I really should have been studying, I found The Bitchy Stitcher. She is, by far, the funniest crafts blogger that I've ever read. I have spent hours trolling through all of her blog and have laughed myself into tears on more than one occasion.

Needless to say, it made me think about quilting and, specifically, this beautiful jelly roll. I don't know about everyone, but I've always been one to wash my fabrics prior to usage. Sorts out the pesky shrinkage and bleed factor so you don't go through all the hassle and then have it get ruined after one time in the wash.

But this was a jelly roll. I've never used jelly rolls before and was concerned about the long lines of cut fabric and the fray factor. So I had thought, "I'll just skip washing it until I have it priced and THEN I'll wash it". But SOMEONE had me all worried about rat poop. After all, I'd just been reading The Bitchy Stitcher's readers regaling us with tales of rats crawling all over the fabric! So, yes, the fear of rat poop got to me and I decided I'd put the strips in the wash anyway- supposedly safe in a laundry bag.

Well, this is what came out-

I decided to do this on the Saturday before my last exam as it was supposed to just be let-the-machine-do-the-work-plus-a-tiny-bit-of-ironing to iron out the strips, maybe 30 minutes of real work.

One crappy movie, one sitcom episode and half a freaking football game later... I was not a happy bunny. My back ached, my patience was fried and since I'd expected it to take no time at all and had started at around 5:30 so that I'd be done for dinner, starving to boot! Three and a half hours of ironing does not a happy girl make!

This is the lovely pile of all the threads I cut off my beautiful fabric in order to get them ironed out once again. The plus side, is now I have the fabric out and you can revel properly in just how freaking gorgeous these prints are!

I'm really looking forward to working with them. The Plan is for a Trip Around the World type of quilt, which I know people say you can't properly do with a jelly roll, but I've worked out the sizes and I should be able to get enough of each color to make it work. Of course, now that the strips have lost all that thread from the sides that may have changed...


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