Sprite Stitch Charity Quilts

I've enjoyed lurking on the Sprite Stitch forum for a while now. It's basically full of nerds and geeks who stitch. I love their creativity! So many of the contributors are quite talented in so many different ways. They, like many other groups, are doing a charity projects- in this case, cross stitch projects to become quilts.

There's the video game cross stitch project to become a quilt, which I love. Being a big Secret of Mana player back in the day (hi bro!), I'd love to do a square of the three characters and have even toyed with the idea of a full on cross stitch or needlepainting the classic cover image of the game-
Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have the time for that one cause I've already managed to sign myself up for the OTHER project they're doing- Pokemon cross stitch for Japan! I know, I'm a crazy woman with way too many projects already. But the due date is far enough away I reckon I'll be ok.

So I've got the legendary birds of Kanto- Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. Thus far, I've spent most of my time hemming and hawing over a pattern for the three. I really wanted to do something like this-

but it doesn't really give the birds all that much definition. So I'm looking at options right now. I've come to the sad conclusion that with the size limitations that I just can't fit the whole birds on, which means I can't have the damn cool "bombing you out of the sky" effect I was hoping for. I'll survive.

If you're interested in getting involved with the Pokemon project, there's a forum set up for it.
If you're interested in the Sprite Stitch Video Game quilt, or just to see more they are lovely people and can be found at www.spritestitch.com!


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