Weekend of Quilting

My weekend consisted of two things- Smallville and Quilting. I managed to quilt
not one, but two quilts (okay, maybe one and a half). It was intended to simply be a weekend of me making a present (which I'll gloat about later), but once the quilt top for that project was done, and I was still in the mood for stitching, I decided I'd dive right in to my Trip Around the World Quilt that you got to hear so much about in my Rat Poop post.

This is what I have so far:

Plus a few extra bits sewn together that didn't look quite so pretty up close to the rest of the quilt top. And yes, its not finished (its only about half done most likely) and yes, it really needs pressing. But I am in LOVE with this quilt.

Ok, yes, I was in love with the fabric even before I started. And I loved the pattern before I started too. But its all just coming out too good for me not to be ecstatic about the fact that I'm actually making something for ME for a change and I get to keep it! Which is probably a good thing because I absolutely LOVED the other quilt I was making and I am slightly regretting the fact that it's going to be packaged up and sent off. This one is going to be able to be seen and touched and drooled over by yours truly, and if I hadn't loved it as much as the other, I might've not been quite as happy with my weekend's progress.

But I think it needs a name. Trip Around the World is nice for a pattern, but it just doesn't touch on the absolute beauty that is this quilt. I'm thinking something with flowers or gardens in it seeing as the fabric has flower motifs.

Any suggestions?


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