So I haven't been completely non-crafty during this quiet spell, but I have been less crafty, and my wrists are feeling better. And progress has definitely been made on my whitework project.
See? Visible progress!

So when we last left this fair project its center full of needlewoven bars were well unfinished-
As a matter of fact, there was less than that done. Those needlewoven bars were seriously doing my head in! While, yes, they're dead easy, these ones were done with such a small thread that it took forever to get them done!

For those of you not in the know, needlewoven bars are created by passing the needle over and under, back and forth until the space is filled up and you have one nice bar. In this case, it brought together 4 of the fabric threads.
But the damn things are so fiddly when you do them with such a tiny gauge of thread that it takes FOREVER to do even one. Compound that with the fact that these had to do 3 to a side of a square, and OH!!!!!

Yeah, these are the entire reason this project was stalled out for so long.

But when you're just doing a little of something at a time, and you don't want to really have to think about what you're doing, these are ok. And eventually I finished the center block of them.
So then I moved on to the outer edges. It involves more pulling and cutting (so nerve wracking!).
And then, wait for it... more needlewoven bars.

However, these are called for the fatter of the two threads I'm using. And you know what? I kind of like them now. With the fatter gauge of thread, I can get an entire bar done in 3-4 passes of the needle, whereas with the smaller one, I was having to do 8-10 to fill up the same space. With these needlework bars, it just goes so quickly that I don't mind it. Never again will I be doing needlework bars with such a thin thread unless its in a much smaller quantity!

So now I'm pushing along at a reasonable pace. As you can see in the first photo, I have most of one side done and have started another. In truth, pulling out and cutting the threads has taken up almost as much time as stitching back in those thicker needlewoven bars.

But its nice to be crafting something again.


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