JumpTech Costume

So this past Saturday, I attended Gaelcon to play in a LARP called JumpTech. I've been doing JumpTech for 2 years now, and it started out as me kinda being a NPC/PC and it became a proper PC role. I've enjoyed it quite a bit. My character was (for most of the time) the only one of her race in the game- the aquatic Tarn. I was given a brief of what the writer wanted and he very kindly let me loose.

Well, this was the last time I'll play this character and I'm a bit saddened (and relieved) by it, but the costume was, I think worth showing off and documenting for time immemorial.

The costume went through a couple of variations. I figured she didn't wear exactly the same thing every day anyway, right? The basis was- blue face, blond wig, black extra-long sleeve tunic-y thing, something to go over the tunic and an extra super long fishtail skirt padded with a Victorian petticoat. Oh- and tights. Tights gave me my blue hands and feet and webbing.
The Tarn are mysterious folk- at least to the rest of the races. The first time I arrived no one had ever seen one and I had this fabulous giant hood that pretty much covered my face. Kept me a nice secret while I walked through the con but man was it hot! So the next time I lost the hood and added a wibbly scarf to go around the neck (to hide the gills dontcha know).

I quite liked the tunic thing too. I kinda based it slightly off of a design that Delenn from Babylon 5 had, with the trailing points downward. But the long sleeves, which fully covered my hands for miles, were a bit of a pain in the ass. Although they looked quite cool.

The main focus of the costume though was really the makeup. 
 These were my starting shots. I actually worked off of these every time to try to keep her lines consistent, which I think worked well.
Those eyelashes threatened to be the death of me, but I managed to keep em on the last game. Somehow they just made the whole thing.

Anyway, I enjoyed playing the Tarn, and not just because it meant I could channel Kosh and get everybody scratching their head. But it was nice to have a reason to go full out on the costume front again. I enjoy making and wearing costumes, and there's never really anywhere to go to wear them unless you want to hit the club scene- which I don't. And even then, showing up in a full Victorian costume or as anything other than a skimpy "I'm a sexy fill-in-the-blank" costume gets you funny looks and isn't practical. But being a Tarn let me do this. And I had a blast.


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