Monday, October 31, 2011

JumpTech Costume

So this past Saturday, I attended Gaelcon to play in a LARP called JumpTech. I've been doing JumpTech for 2 years now, and it started out as me kinda being a NPC/PC and it became a proper PC role. I've enjoyed it quite a bit. My character was (for most of the time) the only one of her race in the game- the aquatic Tarn. I was given a brief of what the writer wanted and he very kindly let me loose.

Well, this was the last time I'll play this character and I'm a bit saddened (and relieved) by it, but the costume was, I think worth showing off and documenting for time immemorial.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cut Nerves

So hardanger is not for the faint of heart I've decided. It was bad enough cutting threads out from the central part of the design I've been working on, but when I got to the outsides? Whoo boy.

The outside edges of this had more of my favorite- needlewoven bars. It was going great! But cutting the threads? URGH!! Nightmare.
Eventually, my normal lunacy broke in and I counted wrong, and well. Let's just say that its ending a couple of layers short >.<

At least it still looks fine, but there's a wonky bit or two where I literally had to keep some threads together that very much wanted to be apart forever.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Yes, I admit it. I have been failing with blogging of late. My excuses are many, my reasons sound, but irrelevant. So I'm starting again fresh. No guilt!

I thought I'd start by taking stock of my projects that are on the go. And from there, we'll see how things go...

This was supposed to be a quick and easy project just to get me back into stitching. I still like the plan, but shockingly it hasn't been worked on in ages. 

There's actually more done on it than this, but I don't like what's done. Probably going to rip out what's there and start anew.

My Quilt!
My beautiful scrappy rainbow. I love these fabrics soooo much.

But I just can't quite figure out how to border it. I bought a couple of options for borders, but when I put them down next to it, it just doesn't "fit" yet.

Wool Embroidery
This is my next plan actually. Its getting cold outside, and the idea of sitting under a nice toasty wool blanket is quite appealing.
But, before I can make any serious progress, I'm going to have to get more thread =(

I'll have to see what I can find, although I'm flying away at the weekend, so I may see if I can find anything there! It should be a nice quick vacation for someone who has been WAY too busy of late!

Oh! You might notice that something ISN'T on this list... More updates will follow on that!