Branching Out


So I've been touting this blog (or at least telling people of its existence) lately, so I probably should get back to writing. Fortunately, I have something to write about!

So last night I left my little hermitage to go all of less than 5 minutes away to the Constant Knitter. Knitting? You? You say?  Well, no.

You see, there's a group called @sew_irish who originated on Ravelry. They were just setting up a sewing circle and a friend of mine very kindly passed the information on to me.

I know, I know. With the experience of the quilt guild meetup, why would I attempt to subject myself to interacting with stuffy old humans again? Well, I don't know. But they were LITERALLY around the corner. At the very least, the hassle of finding the place would be gone and if I didnt like it, going home would be a piece of cake. So I went.

And it was lovely! Most people were close enough to my age to make me feel like I belonged, and they were all very welcoming and happy to talk to me. Instead of standing around in a corner looking lost, I got given tea, and chips, and even talked to! It seems the knitting/sewing world is not all full of grandmothers who only want to vicariously live through the younger generations. Who knew?

We didn't do a whole lot of actual sewing, but a lot of people hadn't brought anything to work on. I took the wool embroidery blanket as a defense mechanism (which worked great) and made some small progress on the final spray. Next time, its close enough and might be near enough to when another workmate is heading off for maternity leave that I might just take my sewing machine down with me and see about working on/finishing a baby blanket.

Anyway, I'll be going again if they hold it. And if any of them happen to be reading this, thank you for being lovely.

And no, the flowers have nothing to do with the post, but they're pretty. So there.


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