Sew Irish Gathering 2.0

The sewistas of sew_irish once again gathered a few Friday's ago, and while they all made project bags, I made some nice, serious progress on the wool embroidery blanket. Down to the last spray, it took a while but it went from almost there-

To getting there-

To oh so close!
Blasting through it, I got so much done that night! It was really great. By this week's game at our place, I was able to pretty much finish it up. Now I just have to tidy a few things up and back it with the lovely Liberty Fabric I got at the K&S Show.

I have to say, I really like the teaching/workshop space in The Constant Knitter. Upstairs from the shop is a lovely area that we keep meeting in for our meetings. I believe they do lessons in various crafts there, but its very nice.

Neat, tidy, with comfortable couches and lovely mugs for the tea. It just *feels* good to sit and craft there. Must be why I seem to get so much done when I'm there!


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