Secret of Mana

A year ago I was talking about wanting to do cross stitch projects, including the lovely title screen of the Secret of Mana which I adored playing and spent countless hours with my brother fighting over.

Well, I'm finally doing something with it. Not the whole thing mind, but a portion.
I started it this week once I finally got the aida for it, and I am so glad that I'm not trying the whole image. I've already been driven mental by the green parts that I've done so far, and am almost dreading doing the rest.
 I got sick of all the fiddly little green bits so I started on the first character.
Then I got fed up with all the fiddly bits in the dude.
So then I went back and started in on the green stuff above in the hopes that I wouldn't lose my mind and actually be able to use a full length of floss before having to tie off again. 

Pretty sure this is the messiest back of a project that I've ever done. I just can't make myself tie off every damn time I have to change colours after like 2 stitches. It. Just. Won't. Happen.

But I'm happy with how its turning out so far. I think the color it picked for the pink dress might be a bit off, so I may have to change it, but that's a long way off for now.

Oh- and these are the flosses I've used-
 And these are the ones still to go =/
Long road ahead methinks.


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