Point Perfect Pinwheels

 I finally got to play with my HST's. And so, for an entire weekend I cut and cut and cut.

Ok, It could have taken me less time, but I was distracted by the Secret Diary of a Call Girl. (Seriously, how did I live this long without watching that?)

Wow does this technique use a lot of cutting! Normally, I probably would have just started stitching everything together, but the HST had me running scared, so I followed the instructions in a quilting book religiously.

And it seems to have paid off! I ended up with a pile of gorgeous pinwheels for this baby quilt. Quite pleased with how the points turned out. Obviously some were better than others but most were like these.
So needless to say, I'm a happy quilter. 

Mind you, remind me of this next time I try the HST and decide all that cutting is really just excess hassle and sure, why couldn't I just sew them together anyway? I guarantee it'll happen eventually and then there will be tears.


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