Sprite Stitch September Challenge Entry: Crafting Deities

As you all know, I'm a big fan of Sprite Stitch and all they do. Well, I've finally found the time to participate in their monthly challenges. 

For September the challenge was to create a crafting deity- and for some reason, all I could think of was the Ginnsfortwoozlefims from when I was younger. Yes, its a mouthful. No, I won't tell you where it came from. But anyone who saw my folders for school would undoubtedly recognise the little guys- I drew them everywhere!
They looked like this-
And when I thought of that, there was really only one crafting deity that would suit the crazy little guys- a deity involving knots & tangles & frustration.

Enter Fu'sake:

Sufficient prayer to Fu'sake, generally involving repeatedly saying his name in a loud voice and possibly throwing things and stamping of feet, is known to soothe the savage crafting pain after encountering gnarled stitches, incorrect countings and other screw ups. While he may soothe tempers, his lack of fingers means he is less adept at correcting said frustrations, thus relegating him to merely "deity" status. However it should be noted that of all the deities, Fu'sake is the most regularly prayed to across the world.

The idea was simple and actually, for once, the actual creation was nice and simple too. I just grabbed a simple piece of linen I had lying around and slapped into my Millenium Frame.
 Having drawn my template, I just set about stitching.
 The legs, feet and eyes were done in a combination of stem, split and satin stitch.
Really, it was nice and easy- but do remember that satin stitch comes out much better if you've bothered to outline and fill the area in question. The threads just lie so much nicer across it.
And then it was time to create the motley hair contraption. I knew I wanted there to be lots of colour, so I actually hit upon the genius idea of using all the little bits of thread left over from prior projects- mainly the Secret of Mana block, but I also threw in some of the thinner gauge wool from my wool blanket which added a bit of texture to the hair that I quite like.
I knew I wanted three dimensions to the hair, so I went with Turkey Work. I'd never tried it before, but Mary Corbet's instructional video once again proved invaluable, and entirely sufficient.
This was actually quite nice to stitch this up. It reminded me of sewing the blanket because of the ease and speed that the turkey work filled the area.
I was slightly undecided as to whether I'd go on and use the traditional end to the Turkey work by snipping the loops and/or cutting the threads down, but decided that this look best matched the original Ginnsfortwoozlefim look and the hoops made it seem more "knotty" to me, which suited the Fu'ksake character.

I might try giving him a trim down the road to see how it comes out, but right now, he's perfect.
So, voila! Fu'sake.

Quite happy with him actually, but have absolutely no idea what to do with him now. Any suggestions?


  1. A pillow patch! That would be a fun and whimsical pillow to snuggle up to.

  2. He's way smaller than he looks. Possibly 2 inches at max height. He'd probably disappear on a pillow!


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