The Goodies Haul

Vacations for me almost always include trips to craft stores- especially when I head back to the States. For all of you not living outside the US, you'd be shocked at the price of crafting supplies over here. I certainly am.

This time round was no exception, and I was delighted to find that my uncle's house was 15 minutes walk away from a Jo-Ann's. Needless to say, several stops were made and probably too much spent.
Ok, I may have gone a bit zip happy.

4 Zips- 2 for replacing existing zips, 1 for a potential handbag project, and 1 for something I certainly had a plan for at the time but that I've forgotten since.

2 D-Rings, again for the handbag project

Machine Quilting Thread- clear. One of the reasons I haven't finished my Trip around the World quilt is because I've been stumped as to how to quilt it with all its many colours. This, I think, shall do nicely.

And to go with that, I've finally acquired a bias-tape maker.

Then we have the Ink Jet Printable Paper as my mother now has me curious as to paper piecing.

And then some Sulky tear-away stabilizer for embroidering with.


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