Halloween 2012

This year they decided to have a Bram Stoker Festival here in Dublin to celebrate the fact the guy came from here (who knew?). Of course, this reminded me that I have a gorgeous Victorian costume hidden in the closet and what better reason to pull it out?

In the end, this was us-
I'm quite pleased to say that we were probably better dressed than some of the performers during the street theatre event at Dublin Castle. Even got some of the other visitors checking us out.

But of course, the dress wouldn't be what it was without a saga and a bit of panic.
This dress began its life many years ago during the Bodice Ripper's LARP I co-wrote for Gaelcon 2001.
Full hoop skirt, corset, lots of attitude. I was playing the hostess of a debutante ball. It was a lot of fun.

For a later Gencon UK, I went to a Victorian Cthulhu LARP. Dropping the hoop skirt meant I had to create a bustle and alter the skirt so it wouldn't completely drag. I also made a new top to go with it.
I quite liked this (although I've no idea how I managed to look so odd in the photo). But for this last outing, I felt like the ruffles were a little... young.

So off the ruffles came!
This year's costume was a bit older, had seen more, and I really enjoyed it. (Ok, I didn't actually wear the mask out, but I REALLY wanted to! Plus it matched) I also enjoyed the handsome man on my arm.
Why ever did top hats go out of fashion? It instantly makes a man even more drool worthy...


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