Crafting On the Go

I travel a lot these days. My last trip reminded me, though, of how different crafting while traveling is.

It's not just that you have to manage to bring all the supplies, hide thread cutters from the TSA, and have something to do when you realise you've seen the entire selection of movies. The big difference, is the way people react to you.
Maybe its that people don't expect it from me, one of the younger generation. Maybe its because I'm never knitting, the go-to craft I see others do on their journeys. But what is certain, is that every flight attendant, who have undoubtedly seen it all, has to stop and ask what I'm up to.

In gifting my old iPhone, I finally found a good pattern to use on this plastic case. It was quite a good case, the piano motif delighted its recipient, and the entire pattern took me less than 8 hours. All in all, not a bad way to spend a day flying.

Safe travels!


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