Book Worms and Body Blocks

My pattern-drafting skills haven't rusted quite as much as I'd feared, or else my trusty book's fabulous instructions made up for my lack in skill. 

Truth is, I wasn't perfect first time round. This is why I made the body block in the first place. My first attempt was at least a success in all ways on the drafting side of things. 
No, my failure was in forgetting that I should really breathe in when taking the chest measurement. Its been a long time since I've taken measurements, and so its probably unsurprising that I got at least one of them wrong first time round.

I probably could have gone with my original block, but I expect I'll be using this guide for some time, so would rather make one that is more accurate. I know, I really should try to be less perfectionist, but if I get it right now, I may not ever have to make one of these again, although I might actually be quite sad if that were true.

So I went back, re-measured my bust, made another, and promptly scrapped it after failing to follow the perfectly easy to follow guidelines. After a night to sleep on my mistakes and a number of curses, I now have a proper and true representation of myself in paper and cotton.
I rather like making body blocks. The straight, clean lines. The step by step laid out for you. The sharp, ordered lines are so different from the rough and tumble of ragged edges and flexible fabric. It is an entirely different process from the creation of a costume, and I love it.

Now I get to start looking at real fabrics.


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