So yeah, I said I'd do stuff and I didn't post for ages. I know. In my defense, I was in another country.

I did do something though! I have managed to get myself all measured up again in the vain attempt to pretend like I remember how to make a drafted pattern. Theoretically, its easy, but I remember it never quite being that way in practice.

The good news is, I have measurements.

For those of you who have ever contemplated losing weight, allow me to let you in on a secret. Measurements are the coolest indication of your weight loss. Being able to say you've taken 12 inches off your waist is not only a huge boost to your confidence, but really makes you realise the differences in your before and after.

Obviously not every measurement gives you quite that feeling of accomplishment. Seeing 2.75 inches come off your arms, for example, doesn't really mean much in my mind. But these are milestones that come much more infrequently than a little shift in the weighing scales and are easier to celebrate.

Being honest, I'm still a little frightened to use these measurements. I always worry when I don't have a professional take them, and even though I do know how to do it, having to do so on myself is another matter. My goal is to do up a basic block and see how it fits. Fingers crossed it doesn't go entirely haywire.


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