The Twitters & New Pages

As we all know, my procrastination knows no bounds. This time it has worked in my crafting favour as what I really wanted to procrastinate working on was the thing with an actual due date. Naturally.

This meant a rather un-necessary time spent reworking the website. Its been undergoing various shifts over the past few months, but I finally got around to sorting out a few things on my To Do list- namely, I've added a slideshow of the Flickr page and set up a Twitter account for the blog.

You can catch updates and actually tell me how much you hate my blog on @withoutastitch which sadly ran into the Twitter handle word count and is therefore missing the crucial 'on'.

The RSS feed has been updated, and is newly configured to hopefully make subscribing easier, and there's a handy link for my fellow Feedly users.

The Photography page now has a slideshow of the Flickr page, which should naturally update with any new shots. There's a bunch there that have never been on the blog, some of which are better quality than others. You'll see the cosplay shots I took at various conventions, as well as some nicer shots that have nothing to do with the blog- like the one above. This may eventually become a larger section, but not without a lot more effort than I can currently devote.

Enjoy the new features!


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