New Site: Craft

As ye no doubt know, I'm a bit of a nerd and love to lurk on forums. Well, there's a new one out there that I think has great potential.

Craft Hackers is blog/forum/place to get information. Toni is an accomplished quilter who I have huge respect for. She does fabulous work in no time and if you want to see lovely geeky quilts you should totally check out her own site.

Craft Hackers is more than just a forum, however. Toni and her team maintain a blog exploring different aspects of crafting as a business and for added benefits and tips and tricks, you can sign up for a paid membership. I should probably at this point state that I have no affiliation with Craft Hackers except to think it, its creators, and the idea behind it are da bomb.

Even if you're not a crafter who is in the business of selling your work, I urge you to go join us on the forums there to make it a lovely lively place where crafters of all varieties can share ideas and projects. I'll be there as eliste as always. Also check out the chain-mail section cause some of those folks are seriously talented!


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