Playing with New Toys

Finishing up that baby quilt gave me a chance to finally use some of the new toys I'd bought for myself back in December.

I bought these Clover Wonder Clips having seen the entire Interwebs rave about them for eons. I felt behind the times, they were a good price, and shucks, it was December and I'd bought tons of crap for other people and was going to treat myself. Needless to say, doing primarily cross stitch since then hasn't really justified the purchase, but that's neither here nor there.

ANYWAY, I used them making one of my recent baby quilts. And you know what? They're adorable. I love the size, the shape, the color. They're just so gosh-darn cute you wanna hold em in your hand all day. Which isn't terribly useful for getting a project done.

They did, though, actually do the job they were there for. They held stuff in place, didn't seem to slip, but I wasn't 100% sold. I was worried that since they didn't extend to the far side of my binding that I would end up with puckers and extra fabric at the far end. So I used up most of my clips on one section and then pinned the rest of it down because it made me feel better.

Would you believe me if I said I hadn't even realised the best part about these clips yet? It wasn't really until I sat down and started stitching that I realised just how nice they were because not only did I not get puckering or extra fabric down the line (although I was still reeeaaallllyyy nervous that I would) but I could just glide right on by without having to take them off! This is totally my favourite part about these clips.

Would I pin a whole quilt with them? Probably not. I'm too anal and worriwort for that, but I definitely plan on using them instead of pins if and when I ever get around to working with stretch or PVC material. I do still think they're super cute. 

My other toys, that I now wonder how I lived without, has to be my quilt roll clips. I can't remember where I picked them up or what brand they are, but why have I never gotten these before??? Two clips was perfect for my baby quilt. Larger quilts will definitely need more, but this purchase was worth it, whatever I paid for it.


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