Quick Quilting

I'm not sure that I can explain how much I really love making baby quilts. This is good, as there are so many births coming up I feel like I'll be making them forever.

Part of the reason I love baby quilts is that I grew up with own blankie, made with love by an aunt, that got dragged around and loved until it finally fell to pieces. I like to imagine that the baby quilts I make will continue in that tradition. So there's that.

On a more practical side, one of the things I like best about baby quilts is they are exactly the right size to make. The piecing never takes forever. The quilting is easy, and doesn't require extra limbs, new sewing machines, or weeks to complete.

And that's my favorite bit. Baby quilts get done in no time. You're done before you remember why quilting is hard or why you hated it the last time. This one took me one day and two evenings, I think. I love it, and hope the new owners will too.

Welcome to the world, little man!


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