Dublin Comic Con 2014

DCC was this weekend, and was an absolute blast. Comic cons (as opposed to gaming cons) still kind of confuse me. There are lots of traders, but I always wonder what exactly are you meant to do there all day long if you don't attend panels? I did hit up a few of the panels, but I spent most of my time chatting with friends.

Daenerys & Drogo
These two were my favourite cosplays of the weekend. They had it. The costumes were fabulously well crafted and you knew exactly who they were, but even more than that they had a beautiful emotional connection. That love between Dany and Drogo was clearly there and they just made my heart hitch a little bit every time they interacted. Cosplay, to me, is more than just the costume, and these two really captured those characters. If you're interested in the cosplay itself, Pompberry posted progress shots on her Facebook.

I had really hoped to get Korra done in time for this weekend, but it just was not going to happen, so I gave up, bought a TNG Combadge and improvised a quick Star Trek cosplay. It was a really great weekend, full of new people, like the talented Wade's Widdle Workshop.

By far, the thing I'm taking away from the weekend the most was the many, many family and kid cosplays. From Gotham villains, to Father/Son Batman/Robin, it was all adorableness and fun.

You can find my shots from the weekend over on Flickr. If you're one of the cosplayers in the photos, feel free to tag yourself/share the photo, but please credit me.


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