When Bigger Isn't Better

I'm a busty girl. To many, this would be seen as a blessing, but if it is, it is most certainly a mixed one. On many occasions, I love it.

This also has become more pronounced since I lost the weight. Whereas I used to be a 38D, I somehow managed to lose weight everywhere except my bust, so that while the band has gone down, the cup size I need has basically stayed stagnant. This means I'm now a DDD to F depending on which brand  I'm buying and which continent I'm on (why can't stores just have universal sizes??). And let me tell you, they do not make clothes or patterns for folks who have such a dramatic difference. Heaven help me if I want a button up shirt.

The difficulty comes in never being able to simply follow a standard pattern. It doesn't matter what the pattern is, there will almost always be difficulty in accommodating the extra d├ęcolletage I carry.

In ways, the fact that I know how to make my own patterns is great. It helps a lot in figuring out a basis to work from. But the reality is its never that easy. Even the techniques to draw up patterns usually have to be altered, mocked up, changed, and mocked up again for the curves to work out without bulky darts or awkward lines. 

This was the case when I went to make a catsuit pattern. I was hoping to make a mockup that I could then use as a basis for the alterations to get lines and details for a more complicated one. If possible, it could also double as a basic under suit for various costumes. Sadly, it was not to be.

I followed the instructions here, which I slightly worried about as they were for a man, but he did mention variations for busts, etc, so I hoped. I made separate front and back options. The back turned out fine, of course. But not the front. It might be fine if you're not as busty as I am, but I didn't have much luck with it.

Thank heavens I had thought ahead and used the non-good fabric. Unfortunately, I haven't had enough spare to try a second time. So I'm stuck. I've given up on this pattern and ordered a commercial one to alter, as there were other things about it that I didn't like. (I really do need to trust my gut on some of these choices) I'm probably still going to have to alter it for my bust, but hopefully some of the other issues will get ironed out too.

I'm starting to think that if I want patterns that fit the first time, I need to get a dummy, one custom to me. A duct tape dummy is probably going to have to be made, if and when I can find time. Not that I know where I'll store it...


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