Mother's Day is today in the United States. I specify this because Mother's Day has already long passed here in Ireland (it was back in March). However, even though I will already have sent my mother her Mother's Day gifts, I always like to do something for her at this time. After all, why not celebrate twice?

This year, I'm celebrating by showing off her work. On my trip home in January, I realized that I come by my love of needlework and crafting rather honestly. There has always been needlework of various types on the walls in my house.

Some hung in my room.

Some she did for my now departed grandmother.

Others she did simply because she loved it.

There are some things I'm less thankful to have inherited, like my allergies and need for glasses, but I love that she passed on her love for needlework. And I feel blessed to have grown up around with such beauty and talent around me. 

I love you, Mom. 


  1. Those are lovely. I have a painting by my mum on my wall in the flat. I do wish we could globally synchronise Mother's Days; every year I get confused.

    1. I wish they would synchronise so that I could buy it at the time its in the shops instead of either forgetting to buy or forgetting where I stashed it...


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