Touching Base

It has occurred to me that there has been not a lot of posts on here and what there has been has been backward looking for the most part. It could easily be seen as that I've nothing to say or show, but the reality has been far from it.

The reality is I've been busy elsewhere. Too much time actually crafting to really talk about it. Weekly blogs for Craft Hackers have been ticking along, and I've been quite busy on a number of projects. They are just not done. 

I'm still ticking along on my Guardian project, which is the only one I feel particularly like sharing. It is coming along nicely. 

Then I have not one, not two, but three costumes planned by June-July. 

First, there's Peggy Carter, which is probably the most complete at this stage. I liked Peggy in Captain America, but I fell utterly in love with her once the new TV show came out this year. She's just so fabulous. Anyway, her suit is coming along. The pattern is settled, the skirt almost complete, but I only just received the dye I need in the post today to finish it. I still need to deal with her shirt, but I've something that could do in a pinch if necessary.

Secondly, there's Mara Jade. I've loved Mara for a long time and have been wanting to do a Star Wars costume to go trooping with the 501st as something other than just the cameraman. I'm a little torn as I do love working on my photography skills while out with them, but I'm also itching to see people's reaction. And I want a lightsaber. That's normal, right?

Lastly, I've something that is in my head as my own design. It's been kicking around upstairs for about a year and I think I have everything I need for it other than the time to get it all done. This one will be for July instead of June, so I've got time. I, hoping to get Peggy and Mara done for early June and have a full month to finish up this one. No, I'm not telling. I'm not quite ready to.

So there ya have it. I swear, I'm not avoiding here, it's just been busy. I have at least been posting updates and WIPs on my Instagram, so if you follow there, you might find a bit of fun.

Here's hoping I can get it all done in time!


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