World Embroidery Day

Today is apparently World Embroidery Day, and its being celebrated by All One Thread with tales from around the world.

This was my submission (with a new photo):

I am from Ireland and this is my favorite embroidery that I have ever done. It is wool crewel based on a design by Inspirations Magazine. However, that's not why I love it.

I love this embroidery because it reminds me of so much that I've lost and how much I still have. The day I started this piece, my home town was in the middle of a massive forest fire that burned 48,000 acres in Northern New Mexico. I was half a world away in my new home of Ireland and an emotional wreck, worried about my family, my home, the beautiful forests I grew up in.

I worked on the blanket for the entire time that the fire was burning and then put it away. For a while I didn't think I could finish it because every time I picked it up it reminded me of the fire and how much we had lost in it. I considered giving it away to someone else so I wouldn't have to see it and the memories that it brought back.

Eventually, I picked it back up and finished it and realised there was no way I could give it away. I may have started this embroidery during one of the worst weeks of my life, but the embroidery also brought me back from those depths. Now, I see the warmth it gives me, the relief that everyone was all right, and all the work I did to get back from the dark places that fire took my mind.

I love this blanket. I use it almost every day. It reminds me to be strong, and that good times will come once again.


  1. There is always more to embroidery than meets the eye!


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