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I started this post last week, and just couldn't finish it. I got as far as this:

"It isn’t a pretty place to be, but it is certainly where I have found myself lately. What is this place, you say?

Type ‘creative slump’ into Google and the first suggestion you’ll find it “how to get out of a creative slump” which is nice because it does let you know that you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the suggestions are as varied as there are "

That's it. I couldn't get any further. Couldn't even think of an analogy for "many," "lots," etc. I've been in such a creative slump that I've been finding blog posts difficult to compose.

Part of my slump has come from how busy I've been, with travel, planning, and "real life" work. Its been a good month since I was last crafting and I can feel it. I haven't actually picked up even a cross stitch, my go to background project, in several months. I've been tired, and busy, and not even in the country, and it has made it impossible for me to really work. This frustration led to even worse creative slump, eventually effecting even my writing which leads us to this post.

Its hard to get out of a creative slump when you're in it. As my brief attempt at research last week found, there are any number of suggestions available to try to get you out of a slump. I found my solution by accident, and I thought I'd share.

I've always wanted to go to the British Museum. I love museums in general, but the British Museum has been on my wish list for years. There are many museums in the world, but the British has always had a mystique for me.

As I walked through the halls, everywhere I turned I found something amazing. I usually go straight for the textiles, but the British has very few. This wasn't a problem as it turned out.

I went because I wanted to see the museum and everything in it., but what I found was my creative mojo. Peering at the marvels of history, amazed at the craftsmanship of hundreds of years before, I couldn't help but be amazed and inspired. 

When you think about the tools available to sculptors, woodworkers and craftsmen back in the day, the detail work is incredible. What they did, that lasted this long, to be enjoyed by people today... It is staggering to stand in the presence of such work.

So next time you find yourself in a creative slump, I highly recommend surrounding yourself with an overload of beauty and inspiration. It doesn't have to be your own choice of craft, but I do suggest something that you see in person. The power of beauty is always greater when you stand in its presence.

Its a fix that I didn't find when looking online, but it worked for me. I can't wait to get home and get back to work on the various WIPs lying around my house. And if you, too, have been finding your creative juices on a low ebb, I hope you find a solution that works for you.

~ eliste


  1. Yes, I can imagine that working, and I can also imagine few people would think of it. I'm certainly adding it to my list of Things To Try....


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