Corset Re-Making

You know that weight I lost? Yeah, my foundation garments don't work so well anymore. Its a bit daunting when you realise that all your corsets don't fit anymore as they are a bit of an investment to then have to replace, but that's where I am. Tbh, I wouldn't swap my current difficulties to go back to my prior weight anyway, so I guess it all works out.

But it does mean that I've had to do something I haven't done in years- make a new corset. I wanted an under bust, which I not only don't have, but have no pattern for either. So it was back to the drafting.

I used the instructions here, swapping in my own measurements. And you know what? Unlike certain catsuits, these were pretty much perfect.

I made the first corset out of old coutil scavenged from the carcass of one of my old corsets and just some simple lining material I had lying around. It was very strange seeing how much I could salvage and still have to cut out.

I've since remade this and put it into "proper" fabric and I think I'm in love with it mostly because I was sick of dealing with what happens when you don't use proper materials-

Unpleasant, let me tell you. After standing all day with a bone poking me and finding that it had rubbed exactly where my bra line hit so that it was still sore even once I was out of the corset, I decided I just had to finally re-make this.

The pattern was still perfect, and I have to say I love the fabrics. My new one has coutil on the inside and a matte satin on top which just feels beautiful to the touch. It is sooooooo much more comfortable to wear too.

Now I just have to make an overbust corset and my foundations will once again be complete.


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