Peggy Carter's Earrings

Peggy has some very signature looks, and one of those are her earrings. While you can easily find them if you search for "flower pearl earrings," it is also quite easy to make your own.

What you need:

1 pair of pearl stud earrings
2 small pearl flower beads
Glue (I used contact cement as a little goes a long way, but other glue would work. Make certain it is a glue that you can tolerate in case it gets on your skin when dried)

This is almost embarrassingly simple, but here ya go:

Step 1: Ensure that your beads will slip over the studs of the earrings.

Step 2: Place a small amount of contact cement just around the centre of the bead. Try not to get it all over the bead as you want it to still look pretty.

Step 3: Place a small amount of contact cement on the back of the pearl stud. You only really need the glue to go on the silver backing of the pearl as that is the only part that will touch the bead.

Step 4: Give the cement time to get tacky and then slide the stud through the bead. Clean off any cement that got on the stud now so that it doesn't dry there.

Repeat for the second earring.

Et voila! Peggy flower pearl earrings that goes with almost everything she wears in Season 2 and quite a few outfits from Season 1 too.

Word to the wise- if you're buying online and the price is just too good to be true, you might be getting what I got, which looked perfect, but was actually just the pieces that you need here to put together. This method works perfectly for making them that little bit more stable if you, like me, are worried about losing the pieces.


  1. Where did you find those flower beads?! I'm having a hard time locating some locally or that aren't shipped from China (which would arrive too late for me).

    1. Hi Jenny, unfortunately I'm not sure I can help you. I live in Ireland and had to order mine online, so I can't say that they'd get to you in your timeframe. However, I did also get flower pearl earrings for very cheap on Amazon. Just put "flower pearl earrings" and look what's available. You might find some success there, but you also may have to go through all the pages to find them. Hope this helps!


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