Yuuko's Jumper - Yuri On Ice!

It should come as a shock to no one that I became quickly addicted to Yuri on Ice! when I found it. And of course I wanted to do something from it.

I didn't really want to do one of the boys though as while I may lust after Victor, they're not who I am.  Female characters in it are few and far between, but I did actually quite like Yuuko Nishigori and her steadfast support and friendship for Yuri. When I found out a friend was going to be going to Shurikon as Yuri, I was sold.

Photo of me by Donald Manning
As it happened, I had a lot of what I needed in my closet. Red turtleneck? Check. Black shorts? Check. Black tights and leggings? Oh so definitely check several times over. And skates. I most definitely own proper figure skates.

I even had a wig that would 'do' if I just pulled it up. (An Arda Ferrari in dark copper red which is definitely not 100% accurate, but the closest in my closet). All I needed was that white warm jumper.

Because I'm an idiot, and thought maybe I would wear it outside of cosplay, I wanted it to be an actually warm enough jumper. Something I *could* take to the ice rink. I conveniently found one in TK Maxx for not a lot so when I tried it all on it went a little something like this-

Not too shabby. But of course, not 100% Yuuko. So I set about creating the details for her jumper.

I wanted it to still stretch, so I used leftover spandex pieces I had to cut out the shape of the back M shape and match the front bits so they'd come over my breasts and not look ridiculous.

All of this got pinned down and stitched along the sides with just a straight stitch. Then I decided I didn't like how that looked, and went at it with a zigzag on the machine around the edges.

Very proud of myself, I then looked at the references and realised there are all these little grey details on Yuuko's jumper. Conveniently, the jumper I'd bought had grey on the inside of the neckline and cuffs. I ripped all of that out and used it for the detailing.

My favourite shot of this by Donald Manning
I added more black spandex material on the inside of the collar (adding a grey trim around the neckline) and down behind the zipper on both sides. I cut small grey rectangles for the ends of each of the detailing on the front of the jumper and zigzagged them in place.

Last detail was to cut up the sides of the jumper, and added grey trim there and around the bottom so it matched hers.

Photo by Donald Manning
Did I really have to do all that? Yeah, my brain said I did. I even cut open holes in my red turtleneck to stick my fingers through because I am that person.

Grabbed my skates, met my Yuri (the fabulous Kirenshi) and had an absolute ball that day.

Photo by Donald Manning
Who knew that bringing ACTUAL figure skates would interest so many people at a con?

Photo by Donald Manning
 Ok, I'm sure all the stretching didn't help with making us a bit of a spectacle.

Photo by Donald Manning
But a huge thanks to Kirenshi and Donald Manning for making my day at Shurikon. I had a complete blast.
Photo by Donald Manning


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