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Project Rebirth: Altering the Ike

Most of this outfit was scrounged and things that already existed in someone's closet. The skirt was a Land's End wool skirt I found on eBay that actually didn't need any alterations at all.

I already owned pretty perfect shoes and the shirt was straight out of my husband's closet. The tie, which I've already replaced with a better version, came off Amazon for nothing.

While that was easy, it was all scrounged after an almost perfect jacket fell into my lap (thanks, Karen!). This post is about how I altered the jacket.

One of the most necessary pieces of costume for the Project Rebirth outfit is definitely the jacket. There's no way of getting around that. However, altering the closest option out there (the "Ike" jacket) is not as straightforward as it might sound.

Sadly, I had pneumonia while I was doing this, so I don't have as many photos as I'd like, but hopefully this will make some sense.

When I got the jacket, it was definitely too big…

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