From Stitches to Masterpiece: Overview

From Stitches to Masterpiece is a series of tips and How To's for what to do with stitching projects once you finish them.
UPDATE: May 2012. This guide primarily follows me finishing off one single cross-stitch project. I have since added a few photos and tips for other types of projects and techniques.
 There are 3 steps that I think every project should go through on completion- Cleaning, Blocking & Ironing. I will go through those three steps first.

Regardless of how you plan on showing off your project, going through these 3 steps will help show your project off in its best light. They don't take all that much effort or special equipment, but they can help transform your project from just some nice stitches, to something that looks amazing.

From there, I'll touch on other ways to show off your projects.

For those interested in framing, I'll explain how to Lace your project so that it will stay well and stay tight no matter how long it hangs on your wall.

I'll explain about Matting- a technique that is often overlooked outside of professional art and photography circles, but that can really make a difference in your finished project.

And of course, I'll talk about Frames. Not every frame is suitable for fabric projects, as the thickness of fabric can be much greater than what the frames were made for. No one is made of money anymore, and custom frames cost a pretty penny, but good frames for these projects do still exist, and choosing the right one, combined with using Matting to help your project fit a standard frame can save you time and money.

I also intend on talking about making Pillows out of your projects. It is an easy option for a lot of embroidery and lets you show off your work in a way that gets usage. I'll run through the steps to make a pillowcase with your project that will still be able to be washed, and that is easy and cheap.

So by the end of this series, I'll hopefully have given you some good tips on how to take your finished project and show it off to the world. All my tips and techniques are things that can be done by anyone. I try to keep any materials needed for these to those that any crafter would have easy access to or would find it cheap to buy.

I hope this helps all those who are looking for inspiration.


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