Caterpillar Blanket

My friends are the proud parents of an adorable little boy, so naturally, a quilt had to be made. Its what set me off into the quilting craziness that led to the my Trip Around the World that still needs a better name. But this baby quilt came out gorgeous- so gorgeous in fact, that I had to start the second quilt so I wouldn't want to keep the one for him!

I didn't really follow any pattern, just put a bunch of strips together from a jelly roll in what I call a "half log cabin" but probably has a proper name somewhere and then played around with their layout until I found something I liked. I call it my "caterpillar"- and no, its not an s-word cause I'm scared of those. Its a caterpillar. Dammit.

I think in large part, this was due to the fact that I absolutely adore the blue fabric that became the final border as well as the spacing between the design. What makes it for me is that very faintly in the deeper blue are sayings written in a lighter blue such as "Tell me a story and then I'll go to bed," "Good night, sleep tight," and "Hush little baby."

In all honesty, I think I should probably go buy more of that fabric, because its absolutely beautiful and I'm so in love with it just to have it for the next time someone has a little boy. Its just too cute.

 Backing was my standard go-to teddy bear covered fleece. Cute and cuddly. Simple stitch in the ditch quilting.
I toyed with the idea of doing moons around the moons on the blue fabric, but I really wasn't sure I knew enough of what I was doing to make that a reality so skipped it. Maybe next time.
While I still need to work on my ability to not catch things on the backside when quilting, I'm quite happy with it. And I know its new owners are too!


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