Once Again in the Land of the Living

I have finally, finally finished my exams for now and you all know what that means, right? Its time for some serious crafting!

While I haven't really been crafting lately, I thought I'd start back with a new site design. Its more of what I wanted the blog to look like when I first envisioned it, although I'm still not certain about the link colours. Once my exam was done I just said fuck it and bought myself the exact image I wanted instead of worrying about how I could find it elsewhere.

I have PLANS. My study-procrastination technique consisted primarily of thinking about all the various crafts that I could and wanted to do. As I posted earlier,  Crazy Quilting International is doing a charity quilt for Japan. It's a good cause, and I'm going to be digging in once the fabric I ordered shows up!

Of course, I couldn't be content with that could I? No, I had to sign myself up for a second charity project! Sprite Stitch has set up the Pokemon Gym to cross stitch blocks for a quilt as well! Yours truly stuck her neck out and said she'd do one- there's much more time on that so hopefully I'll be able to get that done as well.

And then there was this beautiful pile of fabric that's been sitting in my project box since October. I really need to find the right project for it- probably a quilt of some sorts. It just looks so yummy! I'd love to do something with stars or somesuch. And then I decided I really wanted to use this jelly roll I had. And then there was this OTHER quilt idea I had that is probably wayyy too crazy, but well.... Can you tell I'm in a quilting mood? Well, on top of all that my friends just had a baby boy, which means it'll be baby blanket time again too!

But first I have a little free hand embroidery that I think I'll whip up real quick. I want something quick and easy and destressy! What I have in mind should fit the bill.

I hope you like the re-design, I promise I'll be back with actual craft updates soon. Promise.


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