The Fabric That Seduced Me

The weekend before the fire, I went out looking for stuff for various projects. I found nothing that I was looking for. But I did find this fabric.

It seduced me. It really did. It screamed at me that I had to take it home. And I resisted it- until my other half decided he wanted to head into town himself, and did I want to come, and yes, yes he was going to a store right next to the fabric shop... He totally didn't know what he was getting in for.

So I came home with the this gorgeous fabric and for a change, had a plan! I knew I was going to some workshops, and I was going to have to take my fabulous tailor's ruler along with me. (On a side note- if you've never used a tailor's ruler, I highly recommend them. They come pre-lined with all sorts of lines and they're flexible but still solid enough to use a rotary cutter safely with them). Anyway, I have no bag big enough to put that ruler in without it hanging out, which always makes me leery that it'll get snagged on something and break.

So, I decided to make a new handbag. It had to do two things- hold my ruler, and not need my hands to stay on. So it had to be 19 inches wide (or deep, but who really wants to have to rummage in something that deep?) and it was going to have a shoulder strap.

Well, this is what I ended up with. And I love it.

The denim are the legs of an old pair of pants that have been destined to get changed into a skirt for god knows how long. The brown is a beautiful corduroy that just picks up the brown in the main fabric.

And you know what's really awesome about making your own bags? You get to put in pockets for anything you want! So my iPad has a made-for-it little hidey hole which fits it perfectly.

I'm so chuffed. I should make more bags. Easy, quick, and everyone notices them!


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