Crafty Weight Loss... or Not

So I've been very uninspired to do anything the last week. And as a consequence I've put on part of what I'd lost.

So here's the thing. When I craft, my hands are full. When I'm not crafting, my hands need something to do and out of sheer boredom, I will eat if there's something available, which there usually is once you've moved out of Mom & Dad's and have a full time job. So you eat to cure the boredom, or even to keep your fingers happy.

At least I do. So really, I should, in my attempt to lose weight, be throwing myself full force into craft-mode with the hopes that my desire to not get anything on or in my project will win out against my willpower and the bag of crisps. But I have these allergies, ya see. (What are you allergic to? Why everything, dear reader!) They make it difficult to want to do anything and sometimes even to DO anything- like breathe.

But I've decided that these allergies shall not best me anymore. I shall procrastinate the snacking until something gets done instead of vice versa. And then maybe I'll stop feeling so crappy (although not without prescription antihistamines apparently).

Maybe I should make a handkerchief...


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