Funny things that happen when you lose weight

Walking into objects- I've been a clutz all my life as my entire family will happily attest to. But even during the summer where I totalled 3 doors I didn't walk into quite as many things as I have in the past 6 months. Why you ask? Because I can't stop checking myself out in the mirrors and windows that I go past. I used to avoid mirrors, and actively did not have a full length one in the house for many years. Now? I'm walking into sign poles, trash cans, low hanging branches and strollers cause I'm checking out the hawt girl walking past in the window. 

Better sex life- The best thing that happened to me during this process is that my partner decided he would join in. Not only did it make it sooooo much easier to stay on plan with his willpower too, but I no longer had someone eating chocolate croissants and fatty takeaways next to me on the couch. So now, we both look hawt. I mean HAWT. And that has... added benefits. Moving on.

Learning to say Thank You- I hate compliments. Or at least I always did. My standard reply was "oh, its not really that impressive/interesting/cool/insert positive thing here." I have always downplayed my own abilities, especially when confronted by others with them. Since about 20 pounds into my weight loss though, when people were giving me verbal and physical pats on the back to say how impressive what I was doing was, I've found that no, screw you world/politeness/guilt complex, I'm proud of what I've done! Now when people say kind things, I smile broadly and say Thank You! and leave it at that. It started just for the weight loss, but its flowed out to other achievements. Its nice to finally take some credit for what I can do. 

Peer Pressure doesn't pressure me so much- Related to above, but I don't feel like I have to eat something just because everybody else does to. My partner used to laugh at me as he could guarantee that whatever I was doing I'd drop it and come over to him as soon as he was making food for himself. I'd usually then leave the kitchen with something to eat. I still do it but I choose better options, and, more importantly, I can say no to most of the chocolates that show up in work. Except when someone brings in two homemade, delicious, moist carrot cakes. Then I have am forced to have cake for lunch. And maybe breakfast too.

Inner/Outer Me- Its kind of difficult to explain this, but here goes. My mental image of myself has never really added up to what I saw in the mirror. Its much, much closer now. Granted, in losing the weight my face has now changed shape which definitely takes some time to get used to. But I'm so much closer to that perfect me who has always been in my head now. It makes me feel younger. 


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