Blog Tour: Giveaway Wiener!!

When I thought "I'll just get them to give me a curse, it'll be fun," I really expected two or three relatively polite replies and then maybe one or two emails including something that I really didn't want to know my mother knew how to say. And then you did this:

Those spikes? That's ya'll. You, Bitchy Stitcher fans, are hilariously awesome!

I have to say I really enjoyed all the submissions. I'm impressed at how many ways people can avoid using curse words. I have to give a shout out to all of the foreign language uses- mad props ya'll, they're totally going in the rotation.

Hats off to Sarah for explaining the infix, which is one of my personal favorites. And "the prestidigitator" cracks me up every time.

Sadly, there can be Only One- I'd totally give everyone a book if I could. Without further ado-

The Wiener of the Great Insult Contest (and subsequently, the book) is Megan the Aussie who emailed me this gem: fuck-knuckle. I don't know why, but its the one that I kept giggling to myself about all week long, which I think means it wins. 

Congratulations Megan! I'll be touch about your book, and a big, big thank you to everyone else who participated, this was way too much fun.

If you're not Megan (the winning one), go get Megan's (the author one) book!! It will keep you as entertained as the comments here, I promise.


  1. congrats to the winner, esp as she is an aussie ;) we have to be leaders in the expletive world for sure, the comments gave me a good belly laugh and really appreciate the many forms of my favourite word at any given moment that i choose to use it! fucking hilarious, thank you very much :)


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