Spray Basting for Quilting

I must be "of an age" because it seems like just about everyone I know is expecting or has just had a little one. Needless to say, I'm making more baby quilts than I may have energy for.

In an effort to keep myself interested, I've challenged myself to learn a little or try something new with each quilt, whether that is patterning, cutting, quilting or whatnot. This quilt, it was spray-basting.

It is Just. So. Easy.

Truth be told, I wanted to learn this a long time ago, but Ireland being as backward as it is has been fairly adamant about not getting 505 adhesive spray in stock anywhere and I'm loathe to buy aerosols over the internet because I'm really not sure how that would go down. At any rate, Hickeys finally had it in July and I scooped one up immediately.

This was the first quilt that came along since that purchase, and, well, wow. My life has been changed. If 505 ever stops being stocked in Hickeys, I will have to break down and order it off the web because I don't think I can go back to pin-basting my quilt sandwiches together again.

Sadly, the rest of this quilt's construction wasn't quite as smooth as the sandwiching process, but it has turned out beautiful nevertheless. I liked the pattern, although some of my tips weren't as perfectly aligned as previous quilts, and it was interesting to quilt the pattern, although I really feel the need to buy a free-motion quilting foot and try that out. Maybe next time.

Incidentally, I'm nearing the end of the HST's made with these Tonga Treats. I probably only have 1, maybe 2, quilt tops left in it so I may have to actually go buy more fabric in the near future. Oh woe is me.


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