Beyond 100 Happy Days

I may not have said it before, but if you haven't tried out the 100 Happy Days Challenge, I highly recommend it. I posted about this earlier in the summer, but now I've finished my #100happydays and have to say I was proud of myself. I missed 3 days during the 100 day period, but made up for it by adding a few more at the end. 

If nothing else, it was a very interesting experiment to try to find something that makes you happy that you can capture in an image every day. Some days were easier than others. I won't get into how it changed my perspective, as I've written about that before, but I can't not wrap it up.

Looking back on the experience, I'm happy I collected all the photos together. There are interesting patterns that have emerged now I can see my body of photos as a whole. In broad strokes, this is what made me happy this summer:

Food pictures were fairly regular, and I do love it. It ran he gamut from simple fruit to fancy restaurant fare with my own concoctions thrown in. 

This was a productive summer and it is clearly something I enjoy as the images made their way not only to the blog and Instagram, but into my #100happydays. It's a nice reminder that I do love what I do in my free time.

I've always been a sucker for a good vista, and this proved I still am. I've been lucky enough to be traveling a lot to places with lovely views, but even my local areas got some love. I also have a thing for water apparently.

Friday evenings along the quays in Dublin saw me regularly catching the sunlight on the Liffey and they make for a picturesque reminder of the surprisingly good weather we had this summer. I feel like I should name them something as they make a lovely collection.

Surprisingly few people made it into photos, but that was really by choice. While there were people who certainly made my days regularly (like my wonderful boyfriend), I felt like respecting their privacy so generally took shots of what was surrounding us or what we were doing instead. 

Overall, #100happydays was a worthwhile experiment. It wasn't especially burdensome, and I think it probably helped keep me from dipping into a funk at times. I do think it helped my summer be a happier time than it might have otherwise been.

Would I do it again? Not right away, but I'm not ruling it out. 80 days in I began to struggle with what I wanted to share, feeling it unfair to force people to see the same things over and over. But the point wasn't what they saw, but that I acknowledged moments that made me think positively. And in that, I think it was a complete success.


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