Giving in to the Social Media

As the title suggests, I've given in.

Without A Stitch On is now also on Facebook. This should complete the social media setup, so there should be something for everyone. For those who want a breakdown, this is what's likely to be where:

Facebook is likely to be primarily cosplay/costume/photography based, but certainly updates from here will get posted there too.

Instagram is primarily shots of works in progress of all sorts, but I also like to throw in random shots that I like too.

Flickr is for good shots, proper photos, and anything that I feel is too good as is to be chopped up for Instagram.

Twitter is the most comprehensive of the offerings outside of the blog itself. The updates from other social medias are likely to show up here.

Hopefully, this will be the last addition of places I have to curate. The blog, as ever, will trundle on. I've some possible plans for a revamp, but right now that won't be happening until 2015.


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