New Year, New Opportunities

2015 is here, whether we like it or not. While many are looking back at 2014 still, I've been just itching for what lies ahead. 

In 2014, my goal was to blog more. I managed that, but in 2015 I'm upping that challenge. I'm delighted to announce that I'll be joining the blogging staff over at Craft Hackers. Right now I'm still on holidays, but Toni was kind enough to ask and I didn't feel that I could turn down such an opportunity. I've committed to a weekly blog post every Wednesday over there, which may or may not echo what gets posted here. That should kick off on January 15th all going to plan.

I will still be posting here, but it may be a little sporadic until I settle into the new routine. I have no intention of neglecting this blog and there are quite a few posts kicking in my head already that wouldn't be suitable for there anyway.

I have quite a few projects planned already, including yet another baby quilt and a new costume early in the year. I've a whole rake of cosplays I'd like to start work on, most of which I have all the materials for. I'm still plodding away on my Guardian project, and enjoying it, so I hope that will get finished this year too. 

In taking stock of my current life, I've decided I need to declutter and spend less, so 2015 will be dedicated to using the projects that are already in my stash, hopefully only spending a little bit to flesh them out. I'm going to finish the WIPs that are staring at me accusingly, and go full steam ahead with all the kits and fun little projects that I keep buying. It should be eclectic and fun, and I will get to learn a few new things along the way.

I'm looking forward to 2015. I've likely succumbed to planning fallacy, and half of what is in my head won't manifest, but I think the journey will be a fun one nonetheless. Here's to a new year full of crafty fun!


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