69 Stitches... and then some

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to finish some of the unfinished projects in my house. I realise it is a little late in the year to be talking about New Year's resolutions, but this one is relevant now because after getting sidetracked by Agent Carter and a good few other costumes, I'm actually back on track.

A few *cough*too*cough* many years ago, I started a cross stitch block. The Sprite Stitch forum does this every year, with members stitching blocks that get incorporated into a quilt that is then auctioned for charity.

I started one of my favourite game growing up, the Secret of Mana. Its a game that I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing, both with and without my brother. I loved it, and I’d always kind of had the vague idea that the home screen would look really cool stitched up. So this was my chance. 

I didn’t make the deadline. I hate crafting deadlines as inevitably I miss them, and I did. As usual. So I chucked this aside and left it there for… years. 

This year I was determined to get it off my plate. When I picked it up I was surprised at how little was left to do. 

69 stitches. That’s it. That was all that stood between me and a finished project. But it was 69 autonomous stitches which required thread changes between nearly every single one. 

And on top of that, I realised that I couldn’t find the colour I needed to finish her dress, so I had to unpick what had been done and redo it. And then I realised that either my measurements were off or in the few years since I started this project the requirements had changed and it was short a few stitches all around for the requirements. 

So I added a border. I couldn't face adding more greenery. It was a supreme effort to get this done, but finally it happened after weeks of moaning about how much I really did not want to do this. 

I’m happy to say that I made the deadline this year and it will be part of the Sprite Stitch charity quilt. If you are interested, do let me know and I’ll keep you updated on when and where you can participate in possibly getting your hands on the quilt. 


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