Going to the Races Agent Carter: Accessories

Bit of a throwback, but I realised I never got around to writing this up.

I do love this outfit. I quite literally jumped out of my seat when I first saw this look, so naturally it had to be done. This outfit for our dear Peggy Carter is more complicated than I originally thought it was going to be.

I mean really. Just LOOK at it.
First, accessories:

Very simply, I bought the screen accurate Chelsea Crew Gatsby heels in a flurry of impulse-buying and once they arrived I searched for a matching handbag on Amazon. I don't particularly like the one she has, and there was no way I was going to be able to fit all my "con essentials” into one of those box purses, so I didn't even bother. I fond a crocodile patterned patent leather bag that I liked the look of and that matched the shoes

Earrings were likewise found on Amazon. The first pair I bought turned out to be much smaller than I wanted and actually pinkish? So I went looking for new ones and found a pair I really like. Tip- avoid the 'pigeon blood red' options...

Peggy’s hat is very distinctive and even though there are times when she does not wear it, I knew I wanted to. There are undoubtedly beautiful vintage options out there, but I honestly do not like paying those prices for something I'm going to alter. So I eventually settled on a straw red hat.

Well, it was supposed to be red. It actually arrived pink. I tried dying it with Rit and it got darker and more red, but still not truly red.

It's still more pink than I would like, but I take solace that in at least this shot the hat has a definite pink hue to it when Peggy is wearing it.

I was fed up at that point and decided to go with it anyway. Naturally, the hat I had found wasn't actually a good match in height. So I cut it apart, and stitched it back together with about 2 inches taken out so it wasn't as tall.

I am convinced that the red around the edge is a velvet trim, and I happened to own the perfect red velvet ribbon. I spent a car trip to and from Kerry to go visit the Star Wars "The Last Jedi" set hand stitching the whole thing down around the brim.

The hat I got was floppy, so I hid wiring behind the ribbon to strengthen the brim and make it hold its shape better.

Because at this point it was the night before the con and I hadn't finished putting the ribbon down the outside, I just sewed it on with the machine.

I don't know why I didn't do this to start with, tbh. Next time I'll do it this way from the start. My hands will thank me.

I hemmed and hawed a lot about the other fabric for the hat, to the point where it's addition was actually a last minute night before thing. The actual hat uses the same fabric as the contrast in the dress and it's grey. But I hated the idea of grey, especially since the Chelsea Crews are blinding white. Rather than have a blaring white, which I also didn't like the thought of, I actually layered white organza on top of a grey poly.

Photo by Donald Manning at Dublin Comic Con 2016
I'm really happy at how it looks, as it's white, but not in your face white.

And would you look at that, I found another matching accessory when I dragged my husband to the basement for a photoshoot!


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